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Scope of Work and Service Agreement

With your payment, you are purchasing residential or commercial cleaning services from A+ Pro Cleaning, LLC.

The cleaning service you are purchasing is based on the service you have requested and any estimate of time and price provided by an authorized representative of A+ Pro Cleaning, LLC (whether orally or in writing), subject to any recommendations made by A+ Pro Cleaning, LLC regarding your service, that you have either approved or declined.
If you decline any service or recommendation or, in any way, prevent the agreed upon service from being performed, by approving these terms and conditions, you understand that this may modify your reasonable expectation of the service to be provided, subject to full disclosure of any such limitation on the part of an authorized representative of A+ Pro Cleaning, LLC.

Customer Satisfaction Commitment - The terms of service are generally subject to the Client Satisfaction Commitment Policy posted on A+ Pro Cleaning, LLC’s website: www.

Arrival Times - A+ Pro Cleaning, LLC’s Professional Cleaners will at all times use best efforts to arrive punctually for each appointment at the scheduled appointment time. Notwithstanding, due to traffic issues, navigation problems, auto accidents, and other circumstances that may at times be beyond our Professional Cleaners’ control, the Client will provide a 15-to-30-minute window on arrival.

Failure to honor the 15-to-30-minute window, as specified, will be considered a cancellation.  (See “Cancellations and Scheduling Cleanings” below.)

Anytime A+ Pro Cleaning, LLC’s office staff or an on-call, after-hours representative of the company learns that one of our cleaners will arrive more than 15-to-30 minutes after than the scheduled time of an appointment, A+ Pro Cleaning, LLC will make every effort to immediately contact and inform the Client. 

Cancellations and Scheduling Changes - Efforts to provide quality cleaning services involve advance planning and scheduling, staffing arrangements, administrative costs, travel time and expense. 

Cancellations or scheduling changes made by text message or phone call between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., PT, two or more days before an appointment will result in no fee

Cancellations or scheduling changes by text or phone between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., the day immediately preceding an appointment, will result in an administrative convenience fee billed to the client in the amount of $35

Last minute cancellations or scheduling changes on shorter notice, or “no-shows” the day of an appointment will be billed to the client at one half the price of the scheduled appointment.  “No shows” include arrivals anytime within the 15-to-30-minute arrival window described in the “Arrival Times” policy above. 

A+ Pro Cleaning, LLC’s cancellation policy applies to both appointments during the week and Saturday and Sunday appointments. 

In cases of true emergencies, unforeseen circumstances beyond the Client’s control, and where the Client has no history of past cancellations, A+ Pro Cleaning, LLC, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to waive or reduce any fee as the circumstances may warrant.

Company Employees / Client Information - A+ Pro Cleaning invests considerable time and resources in employee recruitment, training, and retention.  Our company also invests considerable resources and effort in the development of client relationships.
A+ Pro Cleaning, LLC strives to provide quality cleaning services at the most competitive rates possible, while at same time paying a living wage, maintaining all required licenses, coverages, safety and security protocols, and generally complying with all applicable laws.

Our company policy prohibits company employees from directly or indirectly utilizing confidential and proprietary client information or unfair advantage and opportunity arising from the employment relationship to solicit company clients.
Clients who directly and indirectly contract with current or former company employees without company consent may be subject by prior written agreement to a $1,500 per cleaner finder fee, and may be liable in a court action for separate or additional monetary damages, injunction, or other court relief.

From the time any client elects to directly hire a current or former employee of A+ Pro Cleaning, LLC, A+ Pro Cleaning, LLC renounces any and all legal responsibility for any liability arising by reason of the relationship of employment relationship thus created between the Client and any former employee of A+ Pro Cleaning
I have read, understand and, by clicking to proceed, agree to the above terms and conditions:
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Basic Services:

• General House Cleaning
• Regular Housekeeping Services
• General Office Cleaning
• Professional Janitorial Services
• Maid Service
• Move-Out Cleaning
• Apartment Cleaning
• Post-Construction Cleaning
• Vacant Homes
• Rental & Management Properties

Additional Services:

• Floor Care
• Oven Cleaning
• Appliances
• Bathrooms
• Kitchens
• Windows
• Blind Cleaning
• Green Cleaning
• Fixtures